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13.01-21.01.17: Jury , Wadden Sea International Organ Competition,  Denmark 

17.01: Recital with Karin Nelson, National Danish Academy of Music, Esbjerg

20.01: Jury, Junior Competition and panel discussion, Esbjerg

26.01.17: Birmingham Conservatoire Open Day

02.02.17: 'Thursday Live' recital, St Chads Cathedral, Birmingham 1.15pm

11.02.17: RCO 'Conservatoire Experience', Birmingham

20.02.17-24.02.17: Conservatoire study trip to The Netherlands

27.02.17: BOA UOB visit

04.03.17: Lecture recital, London Organ Day

06.03.17: Masterclass, St Andrews University , Scotland

07.03.17: Recital, St Andrews University

14.03.17-24.03.17: Russia tour
15 - Penza
17 - Ufa
19 - Chelyabinsk
21 - Ekaterinburg
22 - Tyumen
23 - Perm
25 - Belgorod

30.03.17: Teaching/adjudicating, Chethams School of Music, Manchester 

01.04.17: RCO Recital and Masterclass, Norwich

07.04.17: Recital, Friends Meeting House, Bournville, Birmingham, 1pm

19.04-20.04.17: Teaching, St Andrews University

21.04.17: PGA Ceremony, University of Birmingham

26.04-30.04.17: Teaching, Musikhochschule, Leipzig, Germany

27.04.17: Recital, Neue Propsteikirche, Leipzig, Germany, 7.30pm

28.05.17: 'Celebration for Gwynn', hosted by Classic FM's Nick Bailey with Julian Lloyd Webber and Michael Seal, Birmingham Town Hall, 7.30pm

21.06.17: Conservatoire organ dept performance of Clavierübung III, St Chads Cathedral, Birmingham, 7.30pm

05.07-15.07.17: Degree congregations, University of Birmingham

24.07.17: Conservatoire Awards ceremony with Tasmin Little, Symphony Hall, Birmingham

31.07.17: Lecture and Recital, Durufle-complete organ music, St Salvator's Chapel, St Andrews

31.07-04.08.17: Tutor, St Andrews Organ Week, Scotland

August: translation project

07.09.17: Recital, "Fantasien in allerley Gestalt/England küsst Silbermann"
Silbermann-Tage, Freiberg Cathedral, Germany

06.09.17-16.09.17: Jury member, International Silbermann Competition, Germany

20.09.17-25.09.17: Tutor, Keyboard Academy, Ljubljana, Slovenia

23.09.17: Recital, Ljubljana, Slovenia

23.10.17: Recital, London Oratory, 7.30pm

26.10.17: Recital, St Johns Smith Square, London

02.11.17: WOA lecture recital, Birmingham

26.11.-29.11.17: St Andrews University

28.11.17: Recital, St Andrews University (Reger Wachet auf)

04.12-08.12.17: University of Birmingham graduation recitals

??.12.17: Conservatoire Organ Department concert


January: Kurs - Musikhochschule Stuttgart, Germany

25.01.17-28.01.17: Tutor, 'YAGA' Glogerfestspillene, Kongsberg, Norway

06.02.18: Recital, Elgar Hall, University of Birmingham

12.02.-15.02.18: St Andrews University

28.02.18: Recital, Bradford Cathedral

10.03.18: Recital, Vestjysk Orgelfestival, Esbjerg, Denmark 

23.03.18: Adjudicatior, Feis Ceoil Festival, Dublin, Ireland

??.04.-??.04.18: OfO Abroad Course, Germany

23.04.-26.04.17: St Andrews University

28.04.18: Inaugural recital, St Bride's Glasgow (following restoration of 1865 Hill organ)

17.06.18: Recital, Argentan, Normandy, France

04.07-08.07.18: Birmingham University congregations

09.07.-15.07.18: Tutor, Oundle for Organists summer school

??.07.-??.08.18: St Andrews Summer School

08.08.18: Recital, St Davids Cathedral, Wales

24.08.18: Recital, Rønne Kirke, Bornholm (Denmark)

15.09.18: Recital, Marktkirche Hanover, Germany

More to follow...





28.01.16: Open Day Masterclass,  2pm, Birmingham Conservatoire

30.01.16: Recital, Ellesmere College

07.02.16: Concert with Ex Cathedra/Geoffrey Skidmore, Birmingham Town Hall, 4pm

13.02.16: Betts Organ Masterclass, Oxford University

20.02.16: Recital,  Marktkirche,  Hannover, Germany, 6pm

23.02.16: Recital,  Chapel Royal,  Tower of London

03.03.16: Adjudication & Masterclass, Organ Competition, Bedford School

05.03.16: Recital as part of the London Organ Day, Southwark Cathedral

07.03.16: Teaching, St Andrews University, Scotland

08.03.16: Recital, St Salvator's Chapel, St Andrews, 1.10pm

09.03.16: Masterclass, St Andrews University, 10-12

19.03.16: Organ Club AGM recital, All Saints, Oakham

07.04.16: Student recital, "Thursday Live", St Paul's, Birmingham

16.04.16-19.04.16: Recital/Masterclass/ Lecture: Academy of Music, Ljubljana University, Slovenia

18.04.16: Masterclass, Academy of Music, Zagreb, Croatia

07.05.16: Masterclass/Lecture,  CCDM Conference,  Birmingham  

08.05.16: Recital, Trinity College, Cambridge, 5.40pm

13.05.16: Examining, RNCM

20.05.16-21.05.16: Examining and Masterclass, Dublin Conservatory of Music and Drama

30.05.16: Recital/Teaching, RCO day, St Andrews

31.05.16: Student recital, St Davids Festival

04.06.16: Recital for Derby Organists Association, Elgar Hall, Birmingham

10.06.16: Student Recital, St Swithuns, Worcester

12.06.16: Competition adjudication and class, Repton School

13.06.16: Student recital, Ludlow Festival

15.06.16: Conservatoire Open Day

22.06.16: Recital, St Chads Cathedral, Birmingham, 7.30pm

27.06.16-30.06.16: Conservatoire Study Trip to Central Germany

08.07.16: Messiaen Forum, Birmingham Conservatoire/St Chads Cathedral, 10-20.30

12.07.16: Recital, Summer Organ Festival, Westminster Abbey London, 7pm

23.07.16: Recital, Copenhagen Cathedral, Denmark

25.07, 26.07, 28.07.16: RCO examining, London

30.07.16: Recital, Dunblane Cathedral, Scotland, 12 Noon

30.07-06.08.16: Tutor, Summer School 'The Dutch Connection', St Andrews University 

10.08.16: Recital, St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, 8pm

24.08.16: Recital, International Organ Summer, Kongsberg, Norway

04.09.16: Recital, Helleruplund, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4pm

14.10.16-18.10.16: Reger Festival, Birmingham Conservatoire (details tbc) 

04.11.16: Recital, Lichfield Cathedral, 7.30pm

09.11.16: Recital, St Mary's Quarry St, Guildford, 1pm

13.11.16: Recital and Masterclass, Royal Hospital School, Ipswich, 5.15pm

21.11.16: Masterclass, St Andrews University, Scotlamd

 22.11.16: Recital, St Andrews University, Scotland 

14.12.16: Conservatoire Organ Dept perform Messiaen La Nativité, St Chads Cathedral, Birmingham, 7.30pm