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13.01-21.01.17: Jury , Wadden Sea International Organ Competition,  Denmark 

17.01: Recital with Karin Nelson, National Danish Academy of Music, Esbjerg

20.01: Jury, Junior Competition and panel discussion, Esbjerg

26.01.17: Birmingham Conservatoire Open Day

02.02.17: 'Thursday Live' recital, St Chads Cathedral, Birmingham 1.15pm

11.02.17: RCO 'Conservatoire Experience', Birmingham

20.02.17-24.02.17: Conservatoire study trip to The Netherlands

27.02.17: BOA UOB visit

04.03.17: Lecture recital, London Organ Day

06.03.17: Masterclass, St Andrews University , Scotland

07.03.17: Recital, St Andrews University

14.03.17-24.03.17: Russia tour
15 - Penza
17 - Ufa
19 - Chelyabinsk
21 - Ekaterinburg
22 - Tyumen
23 - Perm
25 - Belgorod

30.03.17: Teaching/adjudicating, Chethams School of Music, Manchester 

01.04.17: RCO Recital and Masterclass, Norwich

07.04.17: Recital, Friends Meeting House, Bournville, Birmingham, 1pm

19.04-20.04.17: Teaching, St Andrews University

21.04.17: PGA Ceremony, University of Birmingham

26.04-30.04.17: Teaching, Musikhochschule, Leipzig, Germany

27.04.17: Recital, Neue Propsteikirche, Leipzig, Germany, 7.30pm

28.05.17: 'Celebration for Gwynn', hosted by Classic FM's Nick Bailey with Julian Lloyd Webber and Michael Seal, Birmingham Town Hall, 7.30pm

21.06.17: Conservatoire organ dept performance of Clavierübung III, St Chads Cathedral, Birmingham, 7.30pm

05.07-15.07.17: Degree congregations, University of Birmingham

24.07.17: Conservatoire Awards ceremony with Tasmin Little, Symphony Hall, Birmingham

31.07.17: Lecture and Recital, Durufle-complete organ music, St Salvator's Chapel, St Andrews

31.07-04.08.17: Tutor, St Andrews Organ Week, Scotland

August: translation project

07.09.17: Recital, "Fantasien in allerley Gestalt/England küsst Silbermann"
Silbermann-Tage, Freiberg Cathedral, Germany

06.09.17-16.09.17: Jury member, International Silbermann Competition, Germany

20.09.17-25.09.17: Tutor, Keyboard Academy, Ljubljana, Slovenia

23.09.17: Recital, Ljubljana, Slovenia

23.10.17: Recital, London Oratory, 7.30pm

26.10.17: Recital, St Johns Smith Square, London

02.11.17: WOA lecture recital, Birmingham

26.11.-29.11.17: St Andrews University

28.11.17: Recital, St Andrews University (Reger Wachet auf)

04.12-08.12.17: University of Birmingham graduation recitals

??.12.17: Conservatoire Organ Department concert


January: Kurs - Musikhochschule Stuttgart, Germany

25.01.17-28.01.17: Tutor, 'YAGA' Glogerfestspillene, Kongsberg, Norway

06.02.18: Recital, Elgar Hall, University of Birmingham

12.02.-15.02.18: St Andrews University

28.02.18: Recital, Bradford Cathedral

10.03.18: Recital, Vestjysk Orgelfestival, Esbjerg, Denmark 

23.03.18: Adjudicatior, Feis Ceoil Festival, Dublin, Ireland

??.04.-??.04.18: OfO Abroad Course, Germany

23.04.-26.04.17: St Andrews University

28.04.18: Inaugural recital, St Bride's Glasgow (following restoration of 1865 Hill organ)

17.06.18: Recital, Argentan, Normandy, France

04.07-08.07.18: Birmingham University congregations

09.07.-15.07.18: Tutor, Oundle for Organists summer school

??.07.-??.08.18: St Andrews Summer School

08.08.18: Recital, St Davids Cathedral, Wales

24.08.18: Recital, Rønne Kirke, Bornholm (Denmark)

15.09.18: Recital, Marktkirche Hanover, Germany

More to follow...





28.01.16: Open Day Masterclass,  2pm, Birmingham Conservatoire

30.01.16: Recital, Ellesmere College

07.02.16: Concert with Ex Cathedra/Geoffrey Skidmore, Birmingham Town Hall, 4pm

13.02.16: Betts Organ Masterclass, Oxford University

20.02.16: Recital,  Marktkirche,  Hannover, Germany, 6pm

23.02.16: Recital,  Chapel Royal,  Tower of London

03.03.16: Adjudication & Masterclass, Organ Competition, Bedford School

05.03.16: Recital as part of the London Organ Day, Southwark Cathedral

07.03.16: Teaching, St Andrews University, Scotland

08.03.16: Recital, St Salvator's Chapel, St Andrews, 1.10pm

09.03.16: Masterclass, St Andrews University, 10-12

19.03.16: Organ Club AGM recital, All Saints, Oakham

07.04.16: Student recital, "Thursday Live", St Paul's, Birmingham

16.04.16-19.04.16: Recital/Masterclass/ Lecture: Academy of Music, Ljubljana University, Slovenia

18.04.16: Masterclass, Academy of Music, Zagreb, Croatia

07.05.16: Masterclass/Lecture,  CCDM Conference,  Birmingham  

08.05.16: Recital, Trinity College, Cambridge, 5.40pm

13.05.16: Examining, RNCM

20.05.16-21.05.16: Examining and Masterclass, Dublin Conservatory of Music and Drama

30.05.16: Recital/Teaching, RCO day, St Andrews

31.05.16: Student recital, St Davids Festival

04.06.16: Recital for Derby Organists Association, Elgar Hall, Birmingham

10.06.16: Student Recital, St Swithuns, Worcester

12.06.16: Competition adjudication and class, Repton School

13.06.16: Student recital, Ludlow Festival

15.06.16: Conservatoire Open Day

22.06.16: Recital, St Chads Cathedral, Birmingham, 7.30pm

27.06.16-30.06.16: Conservatoire Study Trip to Central Germany

08.07.16: Messiaen Forum, Birmingham Conservatoire/St Chads Cathedral, 10-20.30

12.07.16: Recital, Summer Organ Festival, Westminster Abbey London, 7pm

23.07.16: Recital, Copenhagen Cathedral, Denmark

25.07, 26.07, 28.07.16: RCO examining, London

30.07.16: Recital, Dunblane Cathedral, Scotland, 12 Noon

30.07-06.08.16: Tutor, Summer School 'The Dutch Connection', St Andrews University 

10.08.16: Recital, St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, 8pm

24.08.16: Recital, International Organ Summer, Kongsberg, Norway

04.09.16: Recital, Helleruplund, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4pm

14.10.16-18.10.16: Reger Festival, Birmingham Conservatoire (details tbc) 

04.11.16: Recital, Lichfield Cathedral, 7.30pm

09.11.16: Recital, St Mary's Quarry St, Guildford, 1pm

13.11.16: Recital and Masterclass, Royal Hospital School, Ipswich, 5.15pm

21.11.16: Masterclass, St Andrews University, Scotlamd

 22.11.16: Recital, St Andrews University, Scotland 

14.12.16: Conservatoire Organ Dept perform Messiaen La Nativité, St Chads Cathedral, Birmingham, 7.30pm



Complete Messiaen Cycle V, St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham, 3pm
Meditations sur le mystere de la Sainte Trinité

Recital, Leipzig Gewandhaus, Germany, 5pm
Messiaen: Diptyque, Livre d'orgue

29.03.09 - 04.04.09
Conservatoire Organ Department study trip to the Netherlands

CBSO education project, Birmingham

Class-"Mendelssohn in Birmingham", St Chad's Cathedral, 1.30-4.00pm

Opening Recital, Kutursommer Rheinland-Pfalz, Worms Cathedral, Germany, 5pm
Programme includes Elgar Organ Sonata

Odense Koncerthus, Denmark (live broadcast for Danish Radio)
Poulenc Organ Concerto - Odense Symphony Orchestra

University of Birmingham
Baggs Lecture with Clive Anderson

Symphony Hall, Birmingham
Open University recitals

University of Birmingham
Aston Webb Centenary event

University of Birmingham
Degree recitals

RCO/St Giles Summer School, London

Tutor - Eton Choral Course Organist's course in Cambridge

Bank Holiday Recital, Bromley Parish Church, Kent, 11.30am

23rd-25th October
Tutor, Oundle Autumn Weekend for Organists

Messiaen - Livre du Saint Sacrement
St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham, UK